I feel like I won this Christmas. On the homefront, I had peace and love. You cannot buy that.
I felt a sun in my chest beaming with maternal pride as I witnessed my children open presents and then balance raw jubilation with deep, mature gratitude. I like who they are. They are on their way to becoming thoughtful, conscientious adults.
I liked having a budget and staying within it, all while getting what everybody liked.
I loved shopping and getting gift cards from retailers to further my dollar. Thank you Toys R Us and Target — the deals were quite good.
The time spent with my husband was awesome.  Coming up with a solid game plan for the shopping with him, getting a lot done in a little time and being a great team. Yeah, that and going out for Starbucks = good times
Not getting too annoyed with Jingle Bell Rock or All I Want for Christmas is You, was nice. Vince Guaraldi’s Christmas Time is Here made me melt. Baby It’s Cold Outside couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was downright balmy. I loved it.  Hearing Donnie Hathaway’s This Christmas, added some soul sprinkles to the airwaves.
Having Italian food and trying my hand at three dishes I hadn’t made before, and having them come out beautifully brought about feelings of adventure and triumph, and a connection to a part of our family’s roots.
The  warm and happy memories made are priceless. There is nothing like a functional family gathering together in celebration of our faith.
I being relaxed and really analyzing the real significance of the day. Wrapping my mind around the greatness of God’s love for us was overwhelming. Understanding the enormity of the sacrifice for us.
It was, indeed, a merry Christmas.