About the Tootzweet

My name is Robin. I’m an insatiably curious observer. I am the secret tucked into the corners of my smile. Always a cautious optimist and a faithful doubter, I challenge myself to find the lesson and/or humor in most things.

How Tootzweet got its name

The flowers of my life blossom in one spot but my roots are pretty much everywhere. In my house, English is a given. I give my kids a smattering of French here and there trying to pass some of my Louisiana culture down to them. They answer mostly in English…unless we are eating gumbo. Even my husband (a New Yawker) speaks to the dogs in French. We all say “tout de suite,” which means, essentially, to hurry up. We pronounce it “tootzweet” because we say it so fast.

I wondered if that phrase was all that my kids would remember of this time. Why are mom and dad always wanting us to hurry up? Is that all there is? Hurrying up. Why? Why am i are we in such a big hurry? What’s important? I have some ideas but I have many more questions. Why do we do the things we do?