My husband and I bought a lemon. It was brand spanking new and the answer to a lot of prayers. I now call it the Heep Liberty. The things my husband calls it are not fit for print.

In the past six weeks, lots of things have gone “kaploing” on this  vehicle. It’s out of its extended warranty. Whammo. What hasn’t gone wrong in the past few weeks?

I sometimes imagine that an evildoer must be sticking pins in a plush Jeep toy somewhere. But I know the truth. We did what any good citizen should do–we bought American. And we are still paying…

What do you get for buying a Heep Liberty? You get  a rebuilt transmission at 6 years old.  You get windows that don’t work or sound like Chewbacca when you roll them down. You get to replace the water and fuel pumps as bookends to the transmission repair. An excess of $3,000 has been spent on this truck in just the past 6 weeks. 

I watched my parents buy American cars exclusively. My father had a GMC “Jimmy” truck in the 70s and 80s. The thing seemed to last forever. My parents had American-made sports cars too. Good old American cars. Vroom-vroom.

Now it seems the big boys in Detroit want to make crappy cars. My Heep has been the subject of some critical recalls. One of which was discovered AFTER my vehicle stopped on the very busy 405 fwy in Los Angeles, right at Getty Center Drive. Did I mention my kids and a neighbor’s kid were in my car? How does that go– Give me Liberty…? Well, it almost gave us death.

These same companies that make these awful cars had their hands out for help from, you guessed it, the American taxpayer. We kind of paid for our whip twice. Where was their patriotism?

Is it too much to ask for things to actually work? Why is the shelf life so short on cars now? Shouldn’t things be getting better and lasting longer?

I find myself fast becoming a “good old days” person. I remember when things lasted. Now, as soon as your payments are up–or sooner, your car is a piece of crapola.

The old refrain of  “buy American”  is now lost on me. I’ll buy what keeps me safe, gets good mileage, and endures.

Where does the lemonade come in? Now that the Heep is up and running, I’m going to trade this hoopty in sheep’s clothing in for something better.